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Understanding superannuation can be complex. We all know that your employer is supposed to contribute some money toward your super while you’re working, so that it can pay for your retirement. Many people are unsure of when they should start thinking about their super, if they should, how they can make their own contributions or what salary sacrificing is.

Basically, superannuation is an investment structure that has special tax treatment to encourage people to save for their retirement. The advantage of super is that investment earnings are taxed at only 15%, compared to investments in your personal name which are taxed at your current income tax rate.

Brett is a specialist in investment and superannuation strategies and can help explain to you all these topics. We can help you find a suitable superannuation fund, rollover any old funds you have and help you come up with a strategy to manage your super as you come closer to retirement.

To understand your super better, feel free to give us a call or email us if you’d like to discuss any of these topics further.

Super Basics

The basics of a superannuation fund; the assets which can be invested in and how super is taxed.

Withdrawing your Super

Withdrawing your super, what conditions you need to meet, and whether you’ll be taxed.

Rolling Over or Combining Super funds

The advantages and disadvantages of consolidating your super funds. Chances are that if you’ve had more than one job in your lifetime, you’ve had more than one super fund as well. Rolling all your super accounts into one makes them easier to manage, and you’ll probably be paying less fees and charges as well.

Choosing a Super Fund

Super Choice, how does it work for you?  Your superannuation is a major lifelong investment so it’s important that you are able to choose where to invest your money; this is known as ‘Super Choice’.

Superannuation & Salary Sacrifice

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