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When you have a family you suddenly become responsible for lives other than your own. You want to protect your family’s future if something happens to you, while trying to manage your growing debt, and save for to pay for holidays and school expenses.

One of the biggest priorities for our clients with families is protecting their loved ones. They realise that their family couldn’t survive without their income and don’t want to leave them struggling. They’re managing their mortgage and debt repayments with a smart budget, and have some money tucked into an investment for a rainy day. It’s also worth thinking about salary sacrificing, and understanding where your super contributions should be, to enjoy your retirement when the kids (finally!) move out of home.

To find out more about our services, insurance or investment advice see ‘services that can help you’ or find out more about our general Financial Coaching sessions here.

Too busy to come in to the office? We can organise appointments over the phone, and everything after that can be run online. Whichever you prefer, just send us an email to organise a time.

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